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What Kind of Coach Do You Want To Be?

Life and business coaching is unregulated. Anyone can add the word “coach” on a card and label them self as a coach.

If you have the heart to coach and want to be the best coach you can be, you are halfway there. But how do you go about it, and what kind of coach do you want to be?

There are Big Differences in Both Coaches and Coaching

There are many coaching schools to help people master the skills to become a really good coach.  Some are teaching philosophies and methods that the coach has practiced and believes in.

Authors of books teach their ideas of how to do it. Colleges and learning institutions have developed coaching programs.  There are many schools listed at the International Coach Federation. There are many certification programs listed online as well.

Find the school that fits with your authentic self at the heart of it. They will teach you how to coach.

True coaching is not advice giving.  It is more uncovering the desires and dreams of your coaching client and helping them to channel their own strengths to enable them to create and design the plan and take the steps towards what they want.

Your background in business, work, spirituality, creativity, church, teaching, volunteering, sports, counseling, community activities and personal interests will all contribute to what you offer to those you serve.

If you are interested in others and take great joy in supporting and encouraging others on their own journey, welcome to this new field.

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