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Rick Itzkowich

I've known Kathy for nearly 20 years and she is one of the best coaches I've ever known. Her ability to get to the core blocks that people have in their business and life is exceptional. With so many people who call themselves coaches just because they can, Kathy also has the education and certification that gives her a tremendous edge over her competitors. 


Azita Vakili, DMD

Prosthodontist | Solana Smiles
Kathy has been my coach for the past year. She has been an amazing force behind positive changes I needed for my practice. With Kathy's insightful suggestions we regained focus and excitement about our costumer service and internal organization. These along with vision clarification has lead to growth and stability of my practice.
I highly recommend her for personal or professional coaching. 


Bob Johnson

Chef | Coronado Catering

Kathy Nelson is my business and life Coach. She is amazing! With her assistance, I have accomplished success in my professional career and balance and happiness in my personal life. She held me accountable when I set goals for my business and personal growth, helping me achieve and even surpass the goals I had originally set.


Elaine Lyttleton

Wine Maker | Hatfield Creek Winery
For 10 years after my divorce, my Ex and I continued to be business partners in our accounting & tax practice. While he moved on and remarried, I did not. I hired Kathy to be my Success Coach. Friends were surprised. Apparently, I already appeared to be successful in their estimation, but I pointed out that even Olympic Gold medal winners have coaches. Kathy helped me "start over". After working with Kathy, and at my suggestion, we sold the practice. I took a year off to evaluate my life, and subsequently met THE most wonderful man, and moved from my community I'd been in for 30 years, and planted a wine grape vineyard. We are now building a winery, and having the time of our lives. Thank you Kathy! I cannot urge your clients and readers enough to START OVER! It's never too late!


Patricia Lee Como

Writer | Vistage

I started working with Kathy in July 2013. At the time I was in a corporate job I didn't enjoy--even though I was earning a good income. I was finding it harder and harder to go to work every day. My soul yearned to work on more creative projects of my own choosing. Within three months with Kathy, I transformed my life to be inline with my values, desires and dreams. I honestly attribute this to Kathy’s coaching and overall magical energy. She fanned my creative flames enough for my dreams to take flight. I have more money, and I am doing what I love. With practical step-by-step guidance as well as big picture envisioning, Kathy is perfect for anyone who is ready to finally follow their bliss and go for what they really want in life. I give her a 5-star recommendation as a an amazing Life Coach.


Christie Kramer LeVander

REALTOR | Compass

 I was at a point when I was feeling burnt-out from work. When the phone rang, I didn't want to answer it. I felt nothing more could fit on my plate, the most overwhelmed I had felt in my life! Kathy pointed out all the balls in life (health, relationships, well-being, environment, fun and recreation), and how we need to juggle them and treat them like glass except for the work ball, which is rubber and can bounce back. She encouraged me to take time off.  The plan unfolded like a miracle. I feel wonderful. She is amazing! With her assistance, I have accomplished success in my professional career and balance and happiness in my personal life. She held me be accountable when I set goals for my business and personal growth, helping me achieve and even surpass the goals I had originally set.


Cindy Tobin Yuhas

Hair Stylist | Dir. Nerium Int'l

Coach Kathy is like a ray of warm sunshine! She is truly gifted and is passionate about helping you create and achieve your life's desires. She helped me increase my monthly revenue in my business by more than 50% in one year. She also helped me determine my values and what was truly important to me and my happiness! I am forever grateful!


Christine Nast

Coach | Nast Partners
Kathy is the coach’s coach! Her willingness to mentor me as I embarked upon building my own coaching practice was immense. I would have been lost without her wisdom, insight, and experience I found in her Lifelong Fuse Coaching Certification Program.


Terri Hase

Certified Coach

Working with Kathy inspired me as a coach when I was green and new. Now I’m 15 years into my own coaching career and I still look to her for wisdom.


Kelly Perez

Hair Stylist | Hair Lounge on Cedros

I have accomplished so much with Kathy's help in 2010 and I am very excited to work with her again in 2011. Kathy's coaching has helped me create more balance in my life which was my #1 priority. As a working salon owner, I was doing way too much. Today, I have become crystal clear on my priorities and what core values are. Kathy has been my sounding board and kept me on track with my goals and with the life I want to create. She has given me unconditional support and helped me enhance my communication and life skills. She has tons of insight and knowledge, plus is fun to coach with. Kathy is my partner in helping me achieve my business and personal goals and I know she looks forward to helping me with my success.


Greg Muller

Director | Muller Energies SA

Kathy Nelson is not only the best business coach I have ever met; she is the most wonderful person. She helps you build a solid business plan, set goals, and develop strategies. She helps you create the mindset that gives you motivation. Kathy knows so many techniques--little secrets that fit your personality and propel you to the top. As an MBA, I thought I knew all that. With Kathy I've learned the EASY way to achieve goals quickly. Talk about experience and results! She truly cares about you, your business, and your goals. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone is there to support and guide you and will never let you down until you are where you want to be. That, to me, makes Kathy Nelson the most extraordinary life and business coach in the world.


Susan Almon-Pesch, CME

Marketing Exec| Market4Profit

 I first met Coach Kathy through BNI-Business Network Int'l. At first I was skeptical. I had moved from the East Coast, and I had never heard of the coaching profession. I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain to try working with Kathy. Twenty plus years later, she is still helping me grow and manage my marketing and public relations business at six figures. When it came time to move back to the East Coast in 2010, she helped me transition my business and was my spiritual provider for the five years I was caregiver for my seriously ill husband. After his passing, her guidance is helping me process his passing and discover who I want to be in this next exciting chapter of my life. 


Peggy Lebo

True Voice Coaching

Kathy Nelson is a dynamic, bright, insightful and incredibly loving and genuinely supportive coach who will see your zone of genius and support you in accessing that genius and living your greatest life.


Virginia Ann Holt


Kathy is so amazing with her coaching work! She truly knows how to guide each person to reach their true potential and goals they may have never known they desired! She is excellent!


Marshall Pollock

Transworld Business Advisors

 Kathy is a great person and has many years experience in coaching. I highly recommend her.


Dave Bone

San Diego Flooring Pros

Kathy is the coach of coaches. Who better to learn from than one of the pioneers in the industry! Go see Kathy to get your business on track.


Suzette Wehunt

Om Center for Spiritual Living

Coaching is a great way to stay on track! Great to meet you. Glad to see you are assisting our community.

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​Thank you very much for the wonderful divine appointment. You inspire me to be the best and to be and express my divine beauty. I appreciate you deeply and with all my heart.


​You will be happy to know your student and friend has come a long way from our days together. My heart and soul are grounded again. I am wiser and stronger and very, very thankful.

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