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Sit, walk, or run. Just don’t wobble.

~ Zen saying ~

Decide, pull the trigger, go for it. Don’t wait for it. How, can you help to bring it about?

As a life, business coach and a spiritual counselor sometimes my clients think it will all come to them. It can, but it needs their energy. their intention, their affirmation of thought and their choice, decision, and action.

I was raised on “God helps those who help themselves.”

Yes, but as the tides are rising and someone knocks on your door and says come with me the water is coming, and you say no, I will be saved, and then someone comes with a boat, and you say no, I will be saved and then a few hours later you are on the roof of your house and there is a river around you, and the helicopter comes and you say, No I will be saved … you are missing the clues and the help that has come your way. They have been the answers to your prayers. Pray and take “right action.”

Pay attention to what comes your way in answer to your cry for help. It could be the whole answer or the first step of the answer. But, inaction is seldom the right answer.

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