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The Benefits of Coaching

I don’t promise that my clients are going to experience all of these benefits, but these are the kinds of benefits that people often experience from coaching. Some of these benefits may seem “pie in the sky” but they are possible. Coaching is not a magic bullet that will deliver these benefits. You have to work for these outcomes. A coach can help you be strategic and focused, achieve outcomes more quickly, and enjoy the process more fully.

  1. Making a difference for your loved ones and for the world

  2. Growing your business to new levels of success

  3. Making more money

  4. Doing work you love and enjoying it immensely

  5. Being more peaceful, centered, aligned with your values, committed, excited, alive, inspired, inspiring, happy, fulfilled, attractive, magnetic, loving, and compassionate

  6. Dating or enjoying your partner with more joy and grace than you thought possible

  7. Having relationships that work and that are deeply satisfying

  8. Having goals that bring you alive and practical plans to achieve them

  9. Having enough of the things that really matter to you such as: money, fun, joy, time, love and connection

  10. Playing bigger games, games that really matter and bring out the best in you, games that require you to leave behind old patterns of playing small and selling out on yourself

  11. Creating results that blow your mind because they are so awesome

  12. Working less (but smarter) and still getting more results

  13. Celebrating more

  14. Taking vacations that are truly fulfilling

  15. Doing nothing and loving it (guilt free!)

  16. Doing more of what really matters

  17. Being truly comfortable in your own skin

  18. Using your values as a compass for your decisions

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