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Living the Dream

Can you imagine living your life in pursuit of your happiness?  As a Success Coach, I have the honor and privilege of working with people’s deepest wishes and dreams. I have seen so many of my client’s dreams blossom and become the happy story that they are living. I know that dreams can come true. I believe it to my core.

There are many reasons we put our dreams on hold or bury them deep within us, afraid to voice it or bring it up into the light of our full consciousness. We don’t quite own it.

We are afraid it can’t be ours. We have an illusion that we can’t do it or have it. “It is for other lucky people”, we tell our self.  We think we don’t deserve it, or we can’t imagine how it could come true.  Or we might have had a trauma or bitter disappointment and closed our ‘wishing power’ down.

Somewhere we made a decision to not get disappointed and stopped wishing and wanting. Somewhere we might have lost our trust and belief that this was a friendly and supportive life.  It just seemed to feel … impossible.

We get so busy and buried under our hectic lives and responsibilities that we stop thinking and wishing about what we want and we stop dreaming about what appears to be impossible.

Many times when I first ask someone, “what are their dreams”, they look at me stunned.  It is a shocking question. They really don’t know.  It takes awhile to get back in touch with it.  You have to tease it back up to the surface of your mind.  It has been locked away deep within the heart, sometimes for decades.

I had a secret dream, but as a single mom, it had been tucked away for many years. I wanted to go back to where I went to High School.  I shared it while speaking about dreams at a networking meeting one day.  Finally, it was spoken. Finally, one day in an instant, it popped out and was exposed not only to me but to others. My dream was shared.  Once you speak it, you begin to own it.  Then it seems to get an energy of its own as the Universe conspires to deliver it to you.

If we have the courage to want and to dream we can let go of how it will all work out. As one of my friends said, “there is an echo in the Universe.”

In a future bright with possibilities and opportunities, ask yourself, “what dreams are tucked away in me”?

Do you have dreams, longings, fleeting thoughts of things you would like to do? Did you when you were a kid?  Just out of school? Before the kids?  Or the job?

Dust them off.  Start to journal them.  Use a notebook or legal pad and just start to write down what you want to do, to be, or where you want to go.

Let your inner child has some space to speak of your dreams that you have carried within your heart. If you have a good confidant who is supportive and encouraging of you, share it with them. It is important that you share only with others who support and uplift you and are happy for your dreams.

Our precious life is not intended to be a to-do list.  Our life is to be an expression of our deepest dreams, our wishes coloring our life in Technicolor.  Those dreams are planted in your heart center for a very good reason.  You can make this year the very best year of your life.  Give yourself permission and turn your ‘wishing power’ on!  It can be the year you live your dream.

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