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Wanted: Life Designer

When I was a teenager all the kids used to come to me as their confidant. I kept secrets well and empathized with those who were having problems with their parents or siblings. I also had the gift of looking on the positive side of things, which gave encouragement and hope that things would work out. I was the keeper of secrets and dreams and the encourager. Today as a life coach in San Diego, I still am.

I still love to listen and love to help through brainstorming and looking at options. I have learned that we always have doors of choice in front of us and it is up to us to go through them or… not. We get to say, “yes, or no”. I have learned that being comfortable can put you to sleep and you can miss out on a lot of learning and stretching of your soul and spirit. It can dull your life. Taking risks can add huge excitement and open doors for opportunities, growth, wealth and making a difference to others.

You are the designer of your life. YOU! You contain certain abilities, strengths, skills, and behaviors which can be used to lead to amazing results. It takes some courage and perhaps some risk. It takes some courage to risk. The risk can catapult you into being where you need to be. It takes some courage to be truthful about what you want. You have to listen to your “inner voice”, that voice that tries to guide you forward, your “life designer”. We are here living in a field full of opportunities to do better, to learn, to grow, to expand, to create, and to realize the potential we are born with. The potential lies deep within the gifts that we are born with. Do you have the courage to take them and breathe life into them? Fan the flames? Is there a community to support and encourage you? Find one. Create one. Sometimes just one person who believes in us becomes that community. Sometimes it is a network group or a business association or relative, neighbor or school friends.

My invitation is to take more risks in 2012, find your healthy supportive community and listen to your own “life designer”.

Kathy Nelson, Life Coach San Diego, California

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