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Good or Bad It Is All In Your Head

As a Life Coach in San Diego, I help clients to really look at their life in greater detail, I call it the ant view; and I help them look from a much larger view, again called the eagle view. Both give totally different perspectives.

This year one of my biggest wins and challenges was walking a 5 K in July. I found that the start was great, but then we started up hill. I was huffing and puffing… and I heard the little voice in my mind start telling me that I couldn’t make it. It was the ant view that started nagging me and tried to make me stop. Just quit right then and there, just as I was getting started. My own thoughts were beating me up. When I looked up it was hard. I looked around me and noticed some other people who were not thin or tiny and they were steadily working their way up the hill. It gave me hope. When I looked down at my feet and just kept listening to my coach, my daughter at my side, and just kept putting one foot in front of the other and I climbed not only the first hill, but the next one which was even steeper. I found I had a drive and a strength that surprised me when she coached me up that hill and I listened to my big voice which cheered me on. I knew I was in a ‘coaching moment’, and had a lot to learn from it.

I wondered how often my clients are in that moment when they are taking on something new and that little voice tells them they can’t make it. If you’re fortunately, you have a coach to listen to. If not, then you want to listen to your own inner big voice in your head that will lead you up your very own side of the mountain to the top and to your own victory. You can be your own cheerleader and enjoy the view from the top! Me, I am looking for my next 5 K in the New Year! Maybe I will see you there too.

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