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Think Passion

Kathy Nelson is a Life Coach for Personal Development and Growth in San Diego, California

In 1994 I bought my second Camero. My teenage son had totaled my first one. It was long, black and beautiful with a tee-top for summer time in Southern California. I love that car as much today as I did 18 years ago. Yes, I still drive it, mostly in the summer.

I never had ‘vanity’ plates before, and thought it would be fun to put them on ‘her.’ (Yes, my car has a gender to me. Am I alone in that?) I had thought of, “ImUrRep,” since I worked as a Business Development rep. My daughter said…”No, Mom, that is not you.” She told me, “That is what you do, but it is not you; it is not who you are.” So of course, I asked her, “Who do you think I am?” And she picked up a piece of paper and wrote one word on it. PASSION.

When I went to register my car, the proper spelling was taken, so I chose next best. PASCHUN. As a life coach I realized I needed to own who I was. It needed to be my filter, my compass, my guide in what I choose in every big and small decision. It is one of my top values and describes my approach today to many things. I have been called enthusiastic by many. One day in class someone told me I was too enthusiastic, so I looked up the word to see if I agreed.

The origin of ENTHUSIASM is Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein which is to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos (god). Since the word comes from the root word, en theos, which means In God, I am perfectly o.k. with it. I gave myself permission to now own it. God is in me. I am in God. No wonder I feel so good. No wonder clients have called me Sunshine when I walked in. No wonder I feel peace at my core.

Because of someone else, I had tried to tone that energy down, thinking maybe I was too much of something…. Now I am just me. It is not my problem anymore. There comes a time when we accept ourselves, our dreams, our gifts, our wants, and stop trying to please everyone else. I love how I feel about the things I care about.

Sometimes I am opinionated, and it feels good to speak my mind. I was raised to be a child who was seen and not heard. Today, I am free of all those old, stale, inhibiting, soul crushing, suppressing beliefs. I have worked hard to give up those beliefs with many classes on personal development and spiritual growth. I am not trying to please relatives or fulfill their dreams. I am in charge of my own.

How can you start a business without feeling passion about your ideas — the ones you want to grow into an enterprise?  Passion gives the fuel. Everything starts with an idea… if you feel passion about it, you might want to birth it into a system, a book, an innovation, a business. I bet Steve Jobs and Oprah were passionate about their ideas.

Where does passion come from? Why is it intense? It feels more like an energy within my body that a thought within my head. Where does your passion come from? Do you know when you become aware of it?

I think passion and joy can be connected feelings. For me, I know I want to feel a lot more passion this year and a lot more joy. When I am involved in activities I feel passionate about, I find I am full of joy and great energy. I have made up my list of what I am doing when I am feeling these very alive ways…and I want to live from it. I want to own it. I want to be a warrior for living with Passion.

Ask yourself: When do you feel passion or joy? Are you alone or with someone? What are you doing? Where are you? How can you have more of it? Where does it show up in big and small ways?

I am interested in when and where your passion shows up for you and if you live from that sweet spot? Do you tame yourself down or suppress your joy or do you nurture it? Have you always been true to yourself or was it a journey and process? How do you hold on to it?

I am totally passionate about the New Year’s vast opportunities. I have joined a major Mastermind and am totally excited. I know that what I learn will help me inspire you to be passionate and do your best too.

I hope if you see me driving down 101, you will give me a honk and a thumbs up. If you want some personal development coaching to explore more about living from your own passion and joy, give me a call. We can have an interesting conversation about authenticity and happiness. In the meantime, here is to celebrating your passion!

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