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Save Yourself . . . Listen to Your Heart

You simply reach a point of no return. You don’t know that it has arrived, but there it is. Your life is loudly calling you. It is either the relationship that you have worked on in every way you know how, or it is the job that has been slowly stealing your days, weeks and everything bright and wonderful about your life. It feels like you can’t breathe anymore. Something has got to change.

There is a brief period of time when you have this realization, and it is a chance to make changes, large and small, that will lead you into your heart and back to your soul. For me, it led into self-discovery and into claiming a lost life. You no longer settle for not living from your truth of what is important to you. You no longer have your deepest dreams on hold. You no longer wish you were writing the great novel or hanging your pictures in a gallery. You no longer live in relationships where you feel lonely, unseen or abandoned. Your life has to matter to you, and your inner guide has to be on board.

Sometimes we have moved far away from our true calling and talent. We have been so busy with things that don’t matter that the things that matter most never get space and attention. The repercussions of living so far away from our truth and purpose can cause us to try to cover the pain by excesses in other areas. We get busy filling our lives with too many things to do, we feel detached from our body and its needs, we watch hours of endless TV, we spend our time saying yes to activities that have no real value, or worse, no satisfaction to us. We put vacations on hold for years, because we are feeling needed by our job, or secretly afraid that if we leave, they will find out they don’t need us. We live our lives as Thoreau said, “In quiet desperation.”

Having the courage to take a hard look at your life when you reach the point of “change” can happen because you wake up from a deep sleep, or it can happen because of change that has happened externally, and you do know you can’t keep settling for less that your precious life deserves. You can save yourself and step into a life of meaning.

Will it be easy? No! Great things usually are not. But YOU are worth it. It will be painful at times, exciting, even exhilarating. You will feel tested, challenged, lost, found, and …. Alive. You will learn to trust yourself and life. You will learn you are powerful; you have gifts and talents that are deeply satisfying. You will learn that great guides, teachers, and angels will show up to help you. Love will show up. You will learn to listen to your heart. To listen to that place inside you that knows and recognizes what is true for you. You will learn to live with more trust.

You will have a grand adventure. You will learn what works and what doesn’t. You will live your life from a place where your passion is real, where you fall in love with life and life loves you back. You will have joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. You will love your days.

I wish you this journey from the heart. I wish it for everyone.

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