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Your Perfect Job is Within Your Reach

Are you aware of the many career opportunities that surround you? Sometimes I feel like I’m on a carousel and there are many brass rings just outside my reach. Do you ever feel that way?

When you sense opportunities, you just need to stretch a little more, and you’ll catch one and be able to hold on to it. You will be the winner! The question is, will it be the right fit for you? Is it a career move that suits and supports your values, talents, skills and abilities?

Do you know where your magic lies?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped many career coaching clients who graduated from college, got a job in their chosen field and then wanted out of there within the first three years. A lot of times they majored in something to keep someone other than themselves happy.

It never occurred to them to do informational interviews prior to going to school to see if the career field would indeed be interesting to them. It is important to find out what they would they be doing all day. Do the responsibilities and opportunities for growth sound good to them? Does the job suit their personality and temperament?

Lots of people put their ladder against the wrong building.

The worst feeling in the world is to dislike getting up in the morning and going to work that is unsatisfying. If your job aligns with your interests and values, and the environment is healthy, there’s a good chance for real job satisfaction.

Trust me, you’ll benefit greatly from taking the time to do a self-inventory.

  1. Learn what you excel at.

  2. Learn your values.

  3. Learn what your skills, talents, and abilities are.

After this process, you’ll not just go for a job, you’ll go for a career you can grow with while experiencing success and deep satisfaction. It will be time well spent.

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