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You Are The gift. Give It.

Are you caught up in the magic of this season of Light?  Even as you are finishing that last batch of cookies or picking up the last present for Aunt Mary, are you present to the NOW moment?

Are you present to the TRUTH of this time?

You can choose to be conscious of being loving, kind, and gracious to each person you come into contact with over the next few days by just planting the seed of love in your heart, mind, and being right now. It will only take a moment.

Imagine to yourself that you are full of love, that is the truth of your being.  That you radiate love to everyone.  It is an invisible energy that others feel glowing from you.  Just accept it, invite it in and let it be.  You don’t have to do anything more.  If you need to tap into it, you can at any moment.  Just by saying to yourself, “ I know my truth is love, wonderful unconditional love that blesses everyone around me”.

It is not only something you gift only to someone else, but a gift you give yourself as well. Choose to look out through the eyes of love, through a heart of love and listen through the ears of love.   Allow serenity to replace any stress, allow love to replace any judgment, allow that peace and true joy to fill your heart space..  Give yourself the gift of winding-down instead of winding-up inside your ‘self’.  If you start feeling a little stress,  take one big breath of love in and let go on the release of any thought that carries stress to you.  Enjoy every little and big thing you do today. Be in the NOW with it.  See it through spiritual eyes.  See it as LOVE.

How you travel this Holiday is your choice.  You can choose to be grace… to be peace… to be love… to be kind… to be helpful.  You can choose to let go of old stories and judgments of the past.  Let them go.  Love is always answer.

Be.  You are a human being, not as the wise masters tell us, a human doing.  Take a moment to really listen to a child’s story, to your parent’s needs, to your sibling’s concern, to your friend’s fear.  Not to fix anything.  There is no call for action on your part.  Just to listen, love, and be with them in that moment.  If you just sit with them, listen, and send them your conscious energy of  “I love youAll will be fineThe answers will make themselves knownYou have all you need to do it.  You are joy.  You are love.  You are a genius. You are appreciated. I love you. ” That is the only action you need to take.  That is your presence.   And your present. And you could add a hug.

Your spirit will rejoice and you will be the gift to each person around you if you keep the smile in your heart, in your tone of voice and in your  attitude and behavior.  Take that breath and let go.  Your love is the gift.  You are the gift!

Happy Holiday!

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