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Simple Tips for Your Business Success #5

Through Success Coaching I help a lot of people figure out what they want and how they will create it. I have been fortunate to see great results and have come up with some conclusions about what leads to true success. Looking back, I came up with these 5 important tips.

#5. Learn New Things that can help your business and career grow. While working in corporate American in 1995, I started thinking about having my own business. I wanted to take a leap of faith but I knew little about being an entrepreneur. I hired a business coach. Best investment I made as I invented my coaching business. The compute was just becoming HOT. I knew I had to learn how to use it well. There were many free classes and I was in many of them. I became a fixture at the junior college near by. I got new skills for the next big leap. Before I knew it, I had three other coaches on my team and we were doing well. Know what will help your business be successful and hire an assistant as soon as you can to do all the things that someone else can do for you. It will keep you from getting bogged down and allow your business to expand and explode into profits! Don’t try to do everything all at once. Pick one or two things and just learn how to do them really well. Become an expert on Linked In or Goggle Plus. Or hire one. Learn how to do Video like a pro or write an amazing blog. Do what will grow your business and learn to do it well. I know other people who have made a great business from copywriting, blogging or Facebook skills. Practice makes perfect! Be open to the new trends, new ideas. Do not get stale or stuck. Keep your edge sharp and keep the mind of a learner. It will take you far!

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