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How Would I Coach Donald Trump?

Today a writer called and asked me:

“If you were coaching Donald Trump, what coaching advice‬ and pointers would you give him?”

I took my dog for a walk and thought about it.

Should I be serious? Is this an opportunity? I laughed out loud to begin with. Then I called her back.

My answer was…

  1. Listen to your wife and “act” presidential. That means no vulgar and foul language. Stop acting like a high schooler with the potty talk. Too immature and undignified.

  2. Share your Vision for America’s future for all its people. Be inspiring vs scary. What is the bigger picture of how you would be an American leader and a world leader?

  3. Proactively prepare for the rest of your run.

  4. Pray a lot and look at why you have been tasked with this appointment. There is a Divine appointment here. What is it? What is the bigger picture?

  5. If you can really make a positive difference and improve our standing in the world, how can you start now?

  6. You will have to win friends and influence people vs bully them. How will you do that?

  7. What makes you focus on winning so much. Why is it important to you.

I would love to know what you would have said? How would you coach Mr. Trump?

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