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Life is Beautiful

Twenty years ago I launched On Track Success Coaching with the desire to bring Peace to the World, one soul at a time.

I thought that as people saw their own strengths, magnificence, passion, talents, gifts, beauty, as their soul felt its’ peace and its’ power, that person by person the world would be a better place via the domino effect. I was right.

There were less than two dozen ‪coaches‬ in San Diego and only two schools for ‪coaching‬ nationwide. I stood at the beginning of a promise. I am so glad I took this road and so appreciative of everyone who has chosen to work with me. My work is a two-way blessing and I have made many wonderful friends over these twenty years, both clients and other coaches.

I look forward to the promise that still exists and more good years helping people build a business, find their way, their calling, their creativity, their happiness, love, and joy — and the peace that sits in the soul when we are living from our own true purpose.

Life is beautiful!

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