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Is the Sky Really Falling?

Chicken Little ran around saying, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling,” and no one listened. …and the sky wasn’t falling.

The stock market crashed, banks failed, stores closed and many…many lost jobs, money and business…and for them, the sky fell. Indeed, in this “Global Meltdown” we see on all the news reports; …is real, it hurts, but its cause is historical, …its cause is human emotion, …chain reaction panic that feeds on itself.

I was in Italy in ’08 when “it” hit the fan. I was living my dream and oblivious of what was going on. People went into massive fear and the market fell. Fear drove it down. I went for the ride. And it gradually came back up. I could have bought into the fear and sold it all, but I did not see the sky falling. I have been through a few bad economies before. I kept my faith. “OK, but how does that help me?” someone asks. Actually, simple. Common threads among the chaos…From ancients scripts alike come the words that say: “As we see Life, so Life sees us.” I am a believer that our thoughts ultimately create our circumstances. Change your thinking and you change your life. I also believe that how we respond to our circumstance…creates our attitude…which molds our thoughts… Which in turn ultimately create our circumstances…so that’s it.

Response = Attitude = Thought = Circumstances. My response to this market crash can either be panic, OR, I can be an Entrepreneur and find the opportunity. Is it any accident that Entrepreneurs seem to always see the opportunities? I stepped into the social media, built a large following and have been published in two book. My business is thriving and I am helping others to do the same. Hmmm. Just circumstance…? Happy July 4th!

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