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Ground Hogs Day

Does Your New Year’s Day Feel Like Ground Hogs Day?

Have you found that each New Year Day for the last few years feels just the same? With just the same wish list for new behaviors, better health, love, and more money? Have you been setting the same goals year after year with little or no progress? And more importantly, are you ready to really make a difference in your own life?

Here are a couple of life coaching tips to help you take control over your year.

First write down just what you life looks like right now. Today. Dump it on paper. All of it.

Now, set yourself up in a really nice environment, comfortable chair, your back yard if it is lovely outside, a beautiful hotel lobby, outdoors on the sand if you are by a great beach, and most importantly, away from interruptions and distractions. You need your own quiet space.

Secondly, imagine you are in January, in 2013, and you are reviewing all the great things about 2012. What would you really love to see happen in your life if nothing was in the way of your fabulous life? What if you had all the money you want, you had your perfect work, in the perfect place, and you were fit, healthy, and had great relationship? What if you had the best vacation you ever imagined? What if you were doing things that were so exciting and made you feel so alive? What if your life was like the dream life you imagine….

Dreaming about our perfect life starts our engine running. We start thinking of the things we can do, large and small to take the steps to help create it. We write out a plan. We take the plan and see what steps we could take. A plan without action does not go anywhere. We have to take the action.

Last year I decided I was going to make some big changes in my life. This year, I walked my first 5 K on July 23rd, my daughter’s birthday. It was amazing! This year, I started painting again and learning about watercolors and I am hugely loving it. You can catch some of my paintings on my Facebook page. It is something my heart has wanted me to do for a long, long time. I finally have made the time for it in my life. It is making me feel so happy and is one of my favorite things about this year. This year, I joined Weight Watchers and have lost almost 25 pounds. Next year I will stick with it! I feel great about this and love the group I belong too. It is fun and helpful to take on something and then have great support to reach your goals. It is amazing to love your year and love your life! This has been a wonderful year!

The secret to not having Ground Hog New Years is put it out there on paper. Open yourself to what you want. You can plan and take actions to create different experiences in your life. You might change your thinking when you get some new ideas, create new habits and new behavior, and it is all for the better when you love your life. If things aren’t working, ask yourself what you want and move and work towards that. As a good friend says, Change your thinking and you change your life.

Most of all… I wish you the best year yet in 2012. The beautiful year you want with the sweet and spice in it. You deserve it!

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