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Find your Song. Bust Your Myths.

My granddaughter has a lovely singing voice, but we never get to hear it. She is shy and does not like to sing in front of others. It is an undeveloped sense of self-esteem and confidence that I pray will expand and grow as she matures.

My other granddaughter sings 24/7 and does not care who is around. She is a Broadway star in the making. She wants to be in front of others and entertain them. The girls are only a year apart in age.

It comes down to thinking. It is a thought. A thought that stops one from using her gift and sharing it w/others. The other does not care what others think and is courageous. Her thought is “I can do this”. And she does it with great joy and abandonment.

I had a thought – “I could not walk Torrey Pines” (Torrey Pines State Reserve). I thought I was not in “good enough” shape to make it. I judged myself as my granddaughter did and I found myself lacking. My inner voice tried to shut me down and had done so successfully for years. I walked it two weeks ago and can’t wait to do it again. It was grand fun to do with my daughter. It was fun to blow away the Crazy thoughts that stopped me from enjoying myself and from feeling empowered. So now I am looking into the nooks and crannies of my mind to see what other thoughts are stuck away telling me, “No”. I want to set myself free from any NO thoughts.

Find your Song! Bust your Myths! Breakout and conquer a thought that does not serve your highest and best self! Join me in feeling empowered. Find a NO that lives in you and turn it into a big YES. Bust your Myths!

And please let me know how you feel afterward.

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