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Does Your Inner Wisdom Count?

Life is so perfect! Two months ago I was asked to be a teaching assistant at my Spiritual Center for the Counselor 101 class. I had done it before several years ago and really enjoyed the experience.

After asking my heart what was best for me, I felt like I needed to go. I replied ‘YES’. I knew I would have to temporarily pause a class I take on another night to make room for this Monday night class. But, it felt important. I had to choose. Even though with my Moms’ passing a few months ago, as her executor, I have numerous things to take care of in her behalf, as well as my own business, etc. etc. etc. But, I asked and heard the ‘Yes’. It felt solid to me.

So last night was the first class and I now know Spirit invited me to show up there. How perfect to be immersed in Spirit, prayer and practice for the next ten weeks. Thank you Spirit for your invitations to play, pray, love, serve and say YES to all that really matters. I relaxed into knowing all is in perfect Divine Right Order and I am right where I want to be; serving, grounded, loving, learning and remembering my foundation. And the interesting thing to me is this class included the segment on helping people deal with grief and loss. I am where I need to be. I am grateful I listened to my inner wisdom.

So I am curious…

Do you check in with your inner wisdom when opportunities show up? I believe we have more than our brain guiding us. I would never trust just my head. It has lied before.

I believe that our heart and gut have a significant part to play in our life choices too. Our heart is smart and guides us from a place of love and goodness and our gut guides us from our intuitive and sensing self. Sometimes we know just because we know. And we just feel it. There have been times in the past I knew and did not pay attention and later wished I did.

Has it ever happened to you?

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