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Creativity Makes your MoJo

When I was a girl in school I always hand a pencil in my hand and doodled or drew. It was either horses, ballerinas, or the view out the window. I designed clothes and made paper dolls. I always signed up for art classes in electives and was lucky to have parents who got me additional training when I was in High School. I was an art major when I went to college and attended an arts college when married. I created an arts festival in the community I lived in. I painted and sold them as a young mom. People hung my painting in their living and family rooms.

Then I went to work. And got a divorce. Life holds big changes for women at this point.

For me, raising two children and working, the art went on hold. In my career, after retail, I became a sales manager and had numbers to crunch and my left brain kicked in. I had to learn to be more punctual and organized. I used my creativity for sales campaigns and creating marketing plans.

After a decade I took an art class again. My heart called me to do it. I found that I was more prolific when I was in a class. Periodically over the years I took classes with various people as time allowed. It always filled me with great joy and excitement. I painted a painting and a friend bought and it encouraged me.

Then I started my own business 16 years ago and all the art classes went on hold again. All my energy went to the development of my new Coaching business. That was a creative endeavor! And I was learning so much in technology, entrepreneurship and social media. All my time and energy was focused on making this a success. It was my own business. I had gone from six figures to zero. And it had to work. And I felt it was a Divine idea and my purpose was to help people create amazing lives of joy and passion. And it is. And it worked.

Last year my soul called again and I signed up for an acrylic class. I was in love. I have returned to my roots, to my passion. I coach and I also paint. I started classes in September and am learning watercolors. My teacher has me painting things I would have never chosen for myself and I am loving it. What a wonderful time I am having with that and learning so much about myself. My MOJO is fired up! It has made all the colors in my world brighter. Although I still join my guy for some joint TV time, it is to spend time with him and just chill out. I am loving painting and learning. My heart sings. I sing. My MOJO dances. I am energized. It really fires me up!

If you would like to know how you can kick up your MOJO, I hope you will join me on a *FREE* “Be Your Own Muse” teleclass on Tuesday, May 15th at 7 PM Pacific time. I’ll talk about creativity and your inner muse. I am having so much fun, I want to share it. Please visit my website and sign up on the Home Page under “Be Your Own Muse.”

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