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Business Coaching

A business coach is someone who works with a business or executive to generate a dramatic improvement, much like an athletic coach helps an athlete perform at his or her peak. Business coaches can offer services to everyone from a single entrepreneur trying to get started to a multinational company which is struggling to keep up with other companies in the field. Business coaches may also offer life coaching to people who find that problems in life spill over into the workplace.

Business coaches often help businesses grow by creating and following a structured, strategic plan to achieve agreed upon goals. My back ground prepared me to enjoy coaching business professionals and both soloprenuers and small business owners.  Building a business may take many roles for the owner and we take each role and look at your part in it.  We use visioning, goal setting, strategic planning, marketing, including online, sales and customer service and retention. Both Delegation and creating easy to use systems becomes important to reach the big financial goals you want.  

Kathy Nelson provides Business Coaching in San Diego, California

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