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Are You a Dreamer or a Creator?

I believe that the dreamer is the first part and the creation comes from strategies and goals and the “how are we going to do this,“ thinking. Create your destination just like you were an artist or architect. Start with the end in mind. Design it and leave room for the unexpected magic that will show up. Choose what you want. No excuses. Commit. Reach for the stars.

I remember Coaching with a client who was always busy, busy, busy. When I asked her about what she wanted and invited her to make a vision board, she had no idea what she wanted. It was almost frightening for her to consider it. She was such a workaholic, that she was out of touch with her own being. Her identity was only a work identity. She had lost her self. She was on the treadmill of life without any idea where she was really going, and was leaving her life up to chance. Eventually, she put four things on her board and put it up on her wall in her home office. As we coached and she spend more time slowed down and thinking about what was important to her personally, she started adding to her board. Her husband loved her board and was able to give her presents he knew she wanted because they lived on her board first. They had many important conversations about what was important to both of them. She started to explore and she found where she wanted to go, who she wanted to be and what her authentic success and happiness would feel and look like for her. She developed new interests and her life expanded and grew into one with an abundance of fulfillment and satisfaction. She took up art and became involved in dog rescue. Her work continued to thrive and she became a major player in her field, but it all became easier and she had more time for what she loved both within her work and in her life. She loved more. Her friendships grew. Success looks different for all of us.

It is a grand discovery to find out what it is uniquely for you.

Kathy Nelson Provides Business and Success Coaching in San Diego, California

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