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“Be Your Own Muse” Coaching Series

Listen To The Event Live

Life Coach Kathy Nelson, founder of On Track Success Coaching, is pleased to announce the launch of a new creativity coaching series. On March 11, 2012 Nelson presented, “Be Your Own Muse—Using Your Inner Creativity in Your Everyday World” to an audience of business entrepreneurs. With this kickoff lecture event at the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Nelson introduced the attendees to creativity awareness strategies they could apply to their personal and business life.

The On Track Success Coaching series includes: speaking engagements, group teleclasses; and one-on-one coaching sessions.

The “Be Your Own Muse” Coaching Series covers creativity from birth to adulthood. The premise of childhood creativity is not original, but the methods Nelson shares in how to reconnect with childlike intuitive freedom for one’s personal and business success are.

Life Coaching Workshop

During the live teleclass session attendees will learn:

  1. Why letting go of resistance is a critical step.

  2. How to turn off the rational mind and access intuitive thoughts.

  3. When is tuning into one’s inner muse appropriate in business settings.

  4. What to do when others start to criticize or make judgmental statements.

  5. Why exercising one’s creative muscles may lead to more energy and better health.

  6. How to successfully combine playfulness and discipline.

  7. Why it is okay to take risks and break with the safety of tradition.

Nelson is presenting a one-hour complimentary teleclass on the topic of “Be Your Own Muse” on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Interested individuals are invited to sign up here and enter their name and email.

Details regarding the teleclass logistics will be emailed to you when you sign up! (Sorry, this event is no longer open for registration).

“Creativity and inspiration are brilliant pathways to a more incredible existence,” said Life Coach Kathy Nelson. “As a kid you had a wild imagination. Is it still free or have you tucked it away in some safe place? Have you had longings to break out your paints, write a song or poem? With the ‘Be Your Own Muse’ series, I want to give people ways to tap into their creative side. When you ‘get it,’ whether your muse is cooking, gardening, writing software, or designing a building, you are transformed and experience joy in your everyday world.”

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