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Tasha Manzano
Coach & Motivational Speaker

Tasha Manzano is a sought-after speaker and coach. She specializes in inspirational and motivational coaching for business and private organizations. In addition, she hosts On Track Success Coaching’s daily live Facebook "Morning Minutes Vibe Tribe."  This was in response to the COVID pandemic and other subsequent events to bring a positive solution, through daily practice, to the challenging times in 2020. With more than 200 episodes, it's a wild success with participants from around the globe. Tasha also coordinates the coaching firm's events, such as the "Create Your 2021 Vision for Your Life."  Tasha believes that what you focus on expands, so raising your awareness of making positive choices is vital.

Tasha's passion is helping clients find structure, focus and accountability as they set out on the journey of entrepreneurship. She learned early on that each day is a gift to be cherished. At 17 years old, she survived a life-changing plane crash on a remote island in Micronesia.  From that day on, she learned to live her purpose which was to make a positive difference for others every day.

Motivation Speaker & Trainer credentials:
• 33 years’ experience in technology integration, coaching, sales, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Leadership
• Communication and Media B.A. University of California, San Diego 1985
• Board Member, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living and NSCDAR
• Speaker at Burham-Moore Center for Real Estate at USD, Mira Costa College, P.E.O. and a variety of other organizations

Tasha formally studied coaching for more than 20 years. She gets great joy from helping professionals expand their businesses through her presentations and workshops.  She uses her extensive personal and professional experiences, as she coaches people through the ABCs of business ownership--often quadrupling their annual income.
Most recently, she partnered with her mother, Master Coach Kathy Nelson, to create a heart-centered program, the Lifelong Fuse Coaching Certification Program. It is specifically designed for coaches who are ready to take their success to the next level.

Tasha integrates her life experience leading others to live a fulfilling and positive life.  Her success over 30 years in corporate America, parenting and coaching combined with her compassionate and approachable demeanor make Tasha a beacon to all who know and work with her.  

When you choose Tasha as a presenter or trainer for your business, group, or organization, you'll find her approach sincere, authentic, enthusiastic, and nurturing.

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