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No Resolutions Here

Set Yourself Up for Success Instead

As a success coach I do not depend on the quick fix for serious change.

Nor do I promote first of the year Resolutions. Resolutions are like diets. There are thousands of them and without real change of habits, good support, a motivating plan, knowing what obstacles might come up and having a plan for how you will handle them, really getting into the emotions you will have on the success side of the resolution; your chances of reaching your goal of permanent change and new behavior are pretty slim. No pun intended.

Many years ago while taking a spiritual class, yes I am a class junkie; the teacher gave us a word for the year to ‘be with’. I was told to hang out in it and let it hang out in me. Meditate on it. Just get into it. The word she gave me was “surrender”. Now, I was a type A perfectionist working in the corporate world in sales at the time. My theme song was Helen Redding’s, I am Woman Hear Me Roar. I wondered why in the world the teacher gave me that word. But, believing she was a pretty wise woman, I did hang out with it.

Throughout the year, I had many occasions to surrender. It took me to such a special place inside my being. I was calmer and my blood pressure went down. I was consciously surrendering for the whole 365 days. And I build a ‘surrender muscle’. It took me to new places…. And it surprised me.

So for the last decade I have been choosing my own word each year. I invite you to choose a word for you. It will be a focal point that gives direction and purpose to what you do. It will surprise you too.

And if you wonder what my word is, you will see hints on my Facebook page through out the year. I am jumping into it and making it a focal point of my life this year. Here is to real change that is permanent and leading you in to your evolution and actualization and the best life yet.

Kayty Nelson, Personal and Business Success Coaching in San Diego, California

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