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Do You Brag or Tell a Story?

In my earliest days in sales and marketing we did brag about our accomplishments, and the belief was that it gave us credibility. That style is no longer the best way to go in writing marketing materials.

This morning I was helping a business coaching client, who had been selected for a 5 Star City Achievements Award, come up with the right words to use for her promotional materials that will be shared at the awards ceremony. She asked me to help her, because she was finding it hard to write about herself. It caused me to think about how we approach our marketing materials today. Here are some thoughts that have worked well for me. If you are trying to attract great clients and need your vibration to draw them toward you, try this combination:

  1. Sit down in a quiet place with a pad of paper and start to write and play with words, adjectives that describe what you deliver and who you are

  2. Let yourself be a little outrageous and bold

  3. Write like you were describing your best friend – or someone you genuinely admire

  4. Pick out a favorite ideal client and write as if you are speaking to them specifically

  5. Think about how you have helped this client with their problems and what your solutions have been and write it out – give substance, not fluff, be meaty

  6. What feedback or compliments have they given you – write them down

  7. Make up a list of words that are really descriptive of you and your values – words that described my client were smart, engaging, connection and clarity of purpose. We wove these qualities into her statement

  8. Use more ‘you ‘than ‘I’. In fact stay away from ‘I’ and write from the position of an observer

  9. Put it all together in a story form that flows well. Have it edited by a good writer. I always get at least two pair on eyes on everything I put out. And we still have boo-boos.

Her descriptive marketing statement now speaks loudly about WHO she is through WHAT she does for her clients, the problems she solves and how her solutions give high value and peace of mind, both huge assets to her clients. Hopefully, others reading it will be attracted by how she helps her clients create their best results, solve their problems with her unique abilities and professionalism and be motivated to pick up the phone and call her. She has big, giant goals for 2011 and this award will bring her some great spotlight attention.

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