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#1 Secret for Success

San Diego Business Coach shares her #1 Secret for Success

My first coach in San Diego was Gary Nobel. Now Gary did not call himself a coach, but he was all that and more. He was an area sales manager at the company that hired me when I was new and green to San Diego. I had changed my job from retail at Nordstrom to a business development representative in the Title Insurance industry. I know it doesn’t sound like a ‘sexy’ industry, but to me it meant equal opportunity, great freedom from punching a time clock and a whole new direction. It moved me from a job to a career. I was ready.

Gary taught me many very important success principles. My first one and my favorite is:

To plan my work and work my plan I learned that the key to any business or event endeavor is a plan. It is the creative part. It is also the focus point for the beginning, the middle and the end. It is the check list for the major points along the way. The other half of that is work the plan. That means to stick with it like a dog after a meaty bone. Don’t take your eye off the target. Focus! Avoid at all cost distractions and interruptions. Do not procrastinate. Adopt the Nike slogan of “Do it now”. Often the reason we don’t get the success we want, as fast as we want, is we take our eye off of the bull’s-eye. We focus too much on the plan and not the action part. We need to go into action. It becomes a verb to us. And therein lies the success. As we go along we can retool or redesign. The plan is not set in concrete. As we see the needs and the benefits, we can make the necessary changes. The plan and action produces the results. It made me an independent woman. When I started my own Life and Business Coaching company in San Diego, I developed my plan for each area of the business; CEO, Administrative, Sales, Financial, Marketing and Client Care. That plan has evolved, as the business has, over the last fifteen years. It was the foundation for the success of my business that I learned from my business coach, Roger Lane. If you become an expert in this one success principle it will help you succeed and reach your goals. This one principle helped me be #1 in my territory for years and a successful sales manager. I know it helps my clients reach their BIG GOALS and experience success. You never know at the start of your career how you might finish, but it is a good idea to think about it. After all, it is part of the plan. But then I think many things are well supported by a plan.
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